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The Good Food Collective is OUR VERSION of a multi-farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project offering membership programs that connect people to local, sustainable foods and some of the best farmers in our area.  However, we are different than traditional CSA in some important ways…learn more HERE.

The Good Food Collective runs a year-round membership program providing individuals and families with access to this area’s best local, sustainable food!  Check out all or offerings HERE.

The Good Food Collective is a project of Headwater Foods, a Community Food Enterprise creating a value-filled, year-round supply chain of local, sustainable foods for the greater Rochester area.

Headwater Foods is committed to joining with others and working towards a more socially and environmentally just food system and the individual, social, economic, and ecological health of our community.

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Headwater Foods, the organization behind The Good Food Collective, is a collaborative food project born out of the work that Chris Hartman, co-founder and original manager of the South Wedge Farmers’ Market, and local farmers have been doing to make more effective and affordable connections between local farms and Rochester consumers. These efforts represent a step towards a more efficient and convenient local food system and a way for Rochester to build a more durable and ecologically sound economy around food.  It also has allowed Headwater Foods to develop a network of partnering, local, sustainable farms and the capacity to expand our business models and community impact.

Our existing core project, The Good Food Collective, is modeled after a traditional CSA program, where people from the community pledge to support local farms by becoming members or “shareholders” of a farm. Members pay in advance and receive a weekly “share” of the harvest and farmers are guaranteed a market.

The Good Food Collective has worked to “scale up” and evolve the CSA model, utilizing the strengths of such a model to help rebuild a local, sustainable food system.  In order to do that, the GFC has networked local farmers together and created OUR VERSION of a multi-farm CSA where farmers work cooperatively to supply the food for our MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM.  Additionally the GFC is focused on increasingly convenient and accessible distribution methods such as a workplace-based delivery model,  signing up groups of employees at area businesses and organizations.

Headwater Foods, Inc.

VISIONA vertically integrated, soil-to-table, Community Food Enterprise that creates a value-filled, year-round supply chain of local, sustainable foods for the greater Rochester area.

Headwater Foods Inc. is an organization committed to the development of sustainable, localized food systems and the associated individual, social, economic, and ecological health of the Rochester community. Using creative business models, Headwater Foods Inc. seeks to promote local, sustainable agriculture; a regional food system; accessible and fair GOOD FOOD options for all people; and an enhancement and celebration of Rochester’s food history and culture.

Headwater Foods is looking to understand the entire value chain associated with a socially and environmentally just food system and working to create multiple layers of benefit.  Although our work has the key priority of creating access to fresh, healthy, sustainable, and affordable foods for all people,  a focus on individuals’ health and food security, we seek also to build an economy around a local food system, support local sustainable farmers, create jobs for local urban and rural people, and develop our region’s ability to retain more of the wealth spent on food in this area.  This holistic approach to co-consider the individual, social, economic, and ecological health of our communities and citizens is the strategic thinking behind our actions.


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