Beef Share

Raw, Inside Round Beef Roast -Photographed on Hasselblad H3-22mb Camera

Beef Share members will receive a selection of frozen beef cuts and ground beef from Sweet Grass Meats. Truly pasture raised and grass-fed in Naples, NY, they are then butchered at Schrader’s Meats in Romulus, NY.
Each Distribution will have:
8-10 pounds assorted cuts, of which 3 lbs. is always Ground Beef

Week of May 5th
Week of June 2nd
Week of June 23rd
Week of July 21st
Week of August 18th
Week of September 15th
FALL: (2)
Week of October 6th
Week of November 3rd


  • Spring
    $ 135
    10 lbs. (approx.) each distribution
    2 (once each month)
  • Summer
    $ 265
    10 lbs. (approx.) each distribution
    4 (once each month)
  • Fall
    $ 135
    10 lbs. (approx.) each distribution
    2 (once each month)
  • Winter
    $ 200
    10 lbs. (approx.) each distribution
    3 (once each month)

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