Eating Local is GOOD for the Earth


Today is Earth Day! At the Good Food Collective, that’s a time for us to remember why we are so committed to local and organic foods. When we shop for food grown a little closer to home, eat a diversity of vegetables nurtured in rich, chemical-free soil, and support our farmers to preserve open space, we are making ecological choices with rippling benefits. We thought we’d share with you some quick facts about these benefits so that, together, we can Eat Well & Do Good.

Food Miles & Climate Change On average, U.S. food travels 1,500 miles before arriving to our plates (DeWeerdt). By choosing to purchase your fruits, veggies, and other items from local farms and producers, you are reducing the cumulative food miles traveled by your food and therefore the carbon emissions, which directly influences climate change.

Bio-diversity When you eat locally, you are typically buying products from smaller farms. These small farms are more likely to grow a wide variety of crops instead of cultivating a mono-crop, such as corn or soy. Growing many different crops on a single farm protects biodiversity and ensures long-term food security.

Soil Health The environmental impact of food also depends on how it is grown. By choosing local food grown and produced by farmers that use organic, mindful methods, you are ensuring that no harmful pesticides, herbicides, or the like are contaminating the soil, and inevitably the surrounding water sources. Such chemicals have been linked to CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder in bees) and numerous other environmental crises, not to mention the implications they have on your health.

Responsible Land Development By supporting your local farmers, you are voting to preserve green spaces and farmland, therefore supporting responsible land development.

The simple act of eating locally positively affects our Earth in numerous ways. So, let us nurture our Earth by simply voting with our forks. Let us choose to Eat Well & Do Good with The Good Food Collective.

Resources: DeWeerdt, S. (n.d.). Is Local Food Better?. Worldwatch Institute. Retrieved April 21, 2014, from


In good food,

Shelly Thomas - Manager of Member Services

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