6241 Price Road
Livonia, NY

Honeyhill Farm


Fred and Sue Forsburg – Owners

Kira White – Farm Manager


Honeyhill Farm is a diversified small family farm in Livonia, New York. Honeyhill produces organic chickens, grassfed beef, garlic and a select set of mixed vegetables including gourmet quality garlic and alliums (garlic, onion, shallots, leeks), along with beets, carrots, lettuce, and about 20 tomato varieties, mostly heirlooms.


50 acres on east side of Conesus Lake, approximately 30 miles from Downtown Rochester.

Farm History

The farm on Honeyhill was originally settled in 1848 and is now owned and operated by Fred and Sue Forsburg. We purchased this farm in 1978 with a long term plan to farm full time, which commenced in 2002. We are a charter member of NOFA-NY, which started in 1981. Honeyhill Farm commenced full-time organic production in 2003 and has been certified Organic since 2004.


We believe that all food is not created equal and that quality cannot be the result of a dreadful and hasty methodology. Honeyhill Farm grows food by what are considered best practices. Growing organically is an expression of a quality process that includes a holistic approach toward improved soil care and selection of varieties that are appropriate to our climate and our soil. We employ superior harvest and post harvest handling so that we can deliver only the highest quality products to market fresh, full of flavor and that are absolutely safe. In following these practices we exceed requirements to the delight of our customers!


Soil is our most valued resource. Rather than deplete it, our soil is continually improved. We plant many types of cover crops to protect and build the soil. We maintain a comprehensive and multi-year soil rotation plan for all crops. Typical irrigation methods require large amounts of water and can harm soils through runoff and erosion. We employ drip lines to deliver a precise and metered quantity of water at the appropriate time and locale for optimum growth.

Weed Control

We employ a variety of methods to combat weeds including cover crop weed suppression, appropriate mulching, and mechanical weeding, to name a few.

Pest Management

We employ appropriate pest management strategies that discourage insects and disease rather than fight them as a result of imprudent practices.

Water Use

We employ drip lines to deliver a precise and metered quantity of water at the appropriate time and locale for optimum growth.

Organic Certification

Certified Organic since 2004 by NOFA-NY

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