“Our farm is excited to partner with the Good Food Collective to provide GOOD FOOD to the greater Rochester Community.”

6895 Lake Avenue
Williamson, NY

Lagoner Farm


Jake Lagoner


We grow a diverse line of fruits and vegetables with over 100 varieties of fruit and over 100 varieties of Vegetables. We are able to grow tree fruit well at our farm because we are near the Lake Ontario shore line.


We currently farm 200 acres. The proximity of the farm to Lake Ontario is the key to fruit farming success in this region. The water temperatures in this large fresh water lake influence the land close to the shores which creates a moderation of the otherwise normal climatic conditions. The summers are somewhat cooler and the winters are less harsh. Average rainfall of around 32 inches a year is perfect for fruit production. The combination of these elements provides an ideal climate for growing fruit trees

Farm History

We are recognized by the state of New York as a Century Farm that started business in 1909. Jake Lagoner is the 5th generation to farm the same land.


Our philosophy is to be good stewards of the land and to our customers. We strive to provide clean, safe food to our customers by following the USDA GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certification process in our fields and our packing house. We also strive to provide affordable food to our customers.


Sandy loam

Weed Control

We are a split operation that uses IPM and Organic methods. We control weeds by mulching, crop rotation, mowing, and mechanical and manual cultivation.

Pest Management

We control pests by frequently scouting. We control these pests by utilizing row covers, crop rotations, and by building healthy soils that grow strong plants that are more resistant to these pests. Our IPM acreage practices a low spray program.

Water Use

We use drip irrigation.

Organic Certification

We currently are transitioning 5 acres following USDA organic standards. On this ground we grow a wide variety of intense vegetable crops.  We are looking to expand to another 4 acre parcel in the near future. We also have close to 3000 square feet of high tunnel space in which crops are also grown using USDA Organic guidelines. Our other acreage and fruit crop are grown using IPM.

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