5776 County Line Rd.
Ontario NY 14519
(just 1 mile East of Webster NY)

Raindance Harvest


Brian Beh


Sustainably grown transplants, mixed greens, and assorted vegetables.


4,000 sq.ft. of greenhouse and 80 acres of available land in Webster, 15 miles from Downtown Rochester.

Farm History

My family has farmed on this property for more than 40 years.


At Raindance Harvest we work to: increase our soil’s natural fertility to its optimal state with a minimal ecological impact beyond our farm; increasing our community’s awareness by facilitating education and debate; generate enough capital to be considered a viable business option for a “family”; and remain open-minded, learn from mistakes, and make changes when necessary.

We seek to be ecologically sound, economically viable, socially responsible, and mentally flexible.


We reject the use of synthetic fertilizers and work with necessary soil/micro-organism building practices such as: cover crops, compost/manure, crop rotation, minimal tillage, minimal compaction, bed production, moisture retention mulching.

Weed Control

Mechanical and hand weeding, mulching, and stale weed bed production.

Pest Management

We do not use chemical controls. We use biological balance, strategic crop selection, and some row cover.

Water Use

We use practices that conserve water such as minimal tillage, mulching, and drip irrigation.

Organic Certification

None. Practice Organic methods.

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