Summer Week 6 Recipe Ideas

This week’s recipe ideas - Blueberries, Beans, Cucumbers & Plums! Welcome to WEEK 6 of the summer season! Highlights of the week? Cucumbers, eggplant, more sweet yellow plums, among other GOOD things. Please enjoy the recipes below and use them to help spark your creativity in the kitchen with the GOOD Week 6 produce. Be sure to check out our […]

Summer Share 2014 – Week 6

Welcome to WEEK 6 of the summer season! Highlights of the week? Cucumbers, eggplant, more sweet yellow plums, among other GOOD things. We did want to mention that due to the midsummer heat and dryness this time of year, the growth of lettuces slows down so to reserve their energy and nutrients. Because of this, we’ll be distributing a variety […]

Mid-Season Job Opportunity

The Good Food Collective is hiring mid-season! Read more about the two available positions below: 1) Position: Distribution Crew – The Good Food Collective Start Date: August 4, 2014 End Date: September 30th, 2014 (with the possibility of continuation) Hours: (32-38 hrs/wk): M- 9AM to 2PM; TU, W, TH- 9AM to 6:30/7PM Pay: $8 to $10 […]

Summer Week 5 Recipe Ideas

Blueberries, Rainbow Chard, Green Beans & Plums! We have some exciting things in the share this week, including more potatoes and crispy beans, brilliantly-colored rainbow chard, and some delightful yellow plums from Old Ridge Farm.Speaking of the plums, yesterday we mistakingly stated that the plums are organic when, in fact, they are grown using IPM – Integrated Pest […]

Summer Share 2014 – Week 5

What to expect in this week’s distribution. Welcome to WEEK 5 of the summer season! We’re excited to share in brilliant rainbow chard, more crisp beans, sweet blueberries, and the first taste of plums! If you have any questions about a fruit or vegetable or how to store it and prepare it, just ask! You can also visit our Recipe Page and Food Manual for all kinds […]

Summer Week 4 Recipe Ideas

Blueberries, Peas, Green Beans & Broccoli! This week, we get to savor the first, crisp green beans and crunchy, flavorful broccoli of the summer. They look real GOOD and taste even better. Below you will find some recipes to help spark your creativity in the kitchen with the week 4 produce. Bon appetit! Don’t forget about our FOOD MANUAL and RECIPES page. They are […]

Summer Share 2014 – Week 4

What to expect in this week’s distribution. It is hard to believe that we are already entering WEEK 4 of 14 weeks of GOOD FOOD! We hope you are enjoying the local, sustainable bounty thus far. We are about to start wallowing in loads of GOOD FOOD. As always, any questions you have about a product and what to […]

Summer Week 3 Recipe Ideas

This week’s recipe ideas This week brings the first subtle sweetness of summer squash, [most likely] the last of the garlic scapes and peas, and more delicious sweet cherries! Stay tuned folks, we are at the tipping point of GOOD summer abundance! Soon you’ll be swimming in plentiful, spectacular summer produce.Be sure to check out our FOOD MANUAL and our RECIPES page […]

Summer Share 2014 – Week 3

What to expect in this week’s distribution. We hope you had a fantastic Independence Day weekend filled with GOOD food, GOOD friends & family, and plenty of fireworks! We are looking forward to seeing your smiling faces and kicking off WEEK 3. You know what week 3 brings? The start of FRUIT SHARES! You can find what will be in […]

Summer Week 2 Recipe Ideas

Just when you thought a share could not get any better, our farmers go and grow some juicy cherries and strawberries, some crispy peas, and more beautiful, curly garlic scapes. We feel pretty confident you don’t need help with what to do with this week’s GOOD FOOD as most of it is ideal for snacking and […]

Summer Share 2014 – Week 2

Welcome to the 2nd week of the summer season! This is an exciting week that brings crisp peas, sweet cherries, and more scapes and strawberries! Last week, we did have some changes with the herbs as the week progressed. Keep in mind, that there will be times when we need to make last minute adjustments to accommodate […]

Join us for our Summer Potluck Series

Join us for a Good Food Collective Community Potluck open to the entire GFC community and public    WHAT: A POTLUCK PICNIC & MUSIC ON THE PATIO (music performed by Just Friends) DETAILS: Come meet other Good Food Collective members and the great community at Heritage Christian Services Pieters Family Life Center and share in GOOD FOOD, good music performed […]

Summer Week 1 Recipe Ideas

Let’s all jump head first into this first week of our summer slow food adventure. Let us celebrate this GOOD local bounty that our farmers have to offer us. Let’s eat!Be sure to check out our FOOD MANUAL and our RECIPES page - great resources that will help you prepare, cook, and store your GOOD food. Please reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, […]

Summer Share 2014 – Week 1

Happy Monday GOOD folks! And what a Monday it is – the commencement of 14 weeks of GOOD food. Here is what some of our partner farmers have mindfully grown for you for this first week of the summer season. We are so excited and hope that you are too!

Summer Distribution 101

Distribution 101 Monday kicks off the first week of our 2014 Summer Season. At 1,300 strong, together, we are truly a local, slow food force to reckon. We are so very proud of this GOOD community and what we will accomplish this season. We just can’t wait to get started! Speaking of getting started, many […]

SOLD OUT for the Summer

Exciting news, Rochester! We have officially SOLD OUT for our 2014 Summer Season! Thank you for your participation and commitment to responsibly grown food and helping to strengthen our local food system. This summer, we are 1,300 members strong – a formidable local and sustainable food advocating force! Together, we are creating positive change by making GOOD food choices […]


Today is the LAST DAY to sign up for Summer Shares! We will be sold out as of tonight for our 14-week eating adventure, the most bountiful time of the year! We would love for you join our GOOD food community. Please sign up today before it’s too late! In good food, Shannon

Recipe Ideas for Your Week 6 Produce

This final week of the spring share, we thought we would load you up with some really GOOD recipes to keep in your back pocket throughout this local growing season: beet crust pizza, raw taco fiesta, a variety of kale salads, and more. Like the majority of the spring, a time when the etching of […]

2014 Spring Share – Week 6

It’s the 6th and FINAL WEEK of the SPRING SHARE! It’s a bittersweet sort of week - it is the 6th and final week of the spring share. The good news is this week is a distribution week for beef, chicken, pork, and cheese shares. Also, this week’s share includes the first taste of sweet spring beets! The bad news, […]

JOIN us at Good Luck for a GOOD morning

Join us for our 1st GOOD event of the 2014 season – a GOOD morning! When: Sunday, June 22, 2014, 11:00 am Where: Good Luck, 50 Anderson Ave, Rochester, NY 14607 What: A ticketed jazz brunch and silent auction to benefit our subsidized share program, OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, $45.00 per person For Tickets: email – or call – 585-270-1992 At Headwater […]

Recipe Ideas for Your Week 5 Produce

As is the nature of spring harvests, this week is chock-full of leafy greens that are pure goodness for your body, mind, and soul. All that GOOD can be a bit challenging though, leaving us wondering what to do with them besides throwing them in a salad. Here are some ideas! Mei Qing Choi – pac choi (treat […]

2014 Spring Share – Week 5

It’s WEEK FIVE of the SPRING SHARE! We hope you were able to get outside and enjoy the GOOD spring weather we experienced over the weekend - perfect weather for grilling green garlic and fiddleheads and enjoying a nice crisp spring salad in the warm sunshine. The spring vegetables are relishing in this abundant sunshine in their […]

Employment Opportunities with Headwater Foods

HEADWATER FOODS is hiring! a community food enterprise Position: Distribution Crew – The Good Food Collective Start Date: June 18, 2014 End Date: September 30th, 2014 (with the possibility of continuation) Hours: Shift A (30-35 hrs/wk): M- 9 to 2PM; TU, W, TH- 9 to 6PM Shift B (28-33 hrs/wk): TU- 2-8PM, W, TH- 9 to […]

Recipe Ideas for Your Week 4 Produce

What to do with all the glowing green foods we’ve given you this week? Devour them! Try these recipes to make the most out of your week 4 share: Black Beans: Black Bean and Sweet Potato Tacos with Chard Pesto (gluten free)…or Quesadillas Rustic Black Bean & Sweet Potato Soup (gluten free, vegan) Black Bean Chocolate Cherry Cookies (gluten free, vegan) […]

2014 Spring Share – Week 4

Welcome to WEEK FOUR of the SPRING SHARE! We hope you all enjoyed the beautiful, GOOD spring weather we experienced this past weekend. How glorious did 80 degrees feel? Can’t you just envision all those GOOD vegetable plants in the fields happily stretching their stems and leaves towards the sky, as though they are trying to reach the […]

Recipe Ideas for Your Week 3 Produce

I think we have a good thing going, don’t you? From what I am hearing from you GOOD folks, you find these weekly recipe idea emails helpful and insightful. So, let’s keep this GOOD thing going! For this week’s GOOD FOOD items, some recipes to test out: Apples Quinoa Salad with Hazelnuts, Apple, and Dried Cranberries (vegan, […]

2014 Spring Share – Week 3

Welcome to WEEK Three of the SPRING SHARE! We have hit the halfway mark of the Spring Share – only three more weeks of GOOD spring food! Our Spring Share is all about celebrating spring and tasting the very first fresh vegetables of the year. During the Summer, which is naturally more abundant with produce, you can expect the Summer Share to be double […]

Recipe Ideas for Your Week 2 Produce

Along with excitement for another week of GOOD food, you may feel some hesitancy over a few of the items included in this week’s share. It can be daunting cooking with foods with which you are unfamiliar, such as ramps or fiddleheads, or even pea shoots for that matter. Have no fear – we’ll be […]

2014 Spring Share – Week 2

Welcome to WEEK TWO of the SPRING SHARE! We hope you enjoyed week one of your Spring Share. If you didn’t think that a spring share could look or taste any better, just wait for WEEK TWO! We have some remarkable products for you this week with an emphasis on WILD FOODS that were mindfully foraged from […]

GFC on WROC Trending in Rochester

Shannon Prozeller, Director of Operations and Chris Hartman, President of Headwater Foods, Inc. spoke with Rachel Barnhart of WROC about the upcoming 2014 SUMMER SHARE. Watch the video here!

Meet your Farms & Producers

One of the differentiating qualities of The Good Food Collective is our desire and ability to support MANY local farms and producers. As a Good Food Collective member, you spread out the GOOD. This has a profound, rippling effect on our local economy and community. When you purchased a SUMMER SHARE or an ADDITIONAL SHARE, […]

Recipe Ideas for Your Week 1 Produce

It’s no secret that we all love to eat. I mean, that’s one of the main reasons we are here, am I right? Of course, there are other major motives: to strengthen and grow our local food system, strengthen our local economy, and to advocate for good, mindful agriculture practices and products. But, we also […]

2014 Spring Share – Week 1

Welcome to Week One of the SPRING SHARE! The sun is shining over Rochester and our farmers are busy harvesting your GOOD FOOD from their fields for WEEK ONE of the Spring Share. We hope you are as eager as we are to get out into the community and commence a new year of GOOD […]

Improvements for 2014!

Each year The Good Food Collective works closely with members and farmers to understand needs, hopes and goals, and opportunities to create win-win situations. This is fundamental to our mission: playing an active role to facilitate new and effective relationships within a sustainable food system. Relationships that are based on honesty, trust, and a commitment […]

2014 Spring Share Reminder!

Thank you for becoming a member of our 2nd annual SPRING SHARE. It is no secret that winter took its sweet time departing and spring has had a leisurely start. Despite that, our partner farmers have been working tirelessly during these cool and damp days to make sure their fields are planted with plenty of […]