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Rochester’s First and Only Year-Round Local, Sustainable Food Share

The Good Food Collective Closes Seasonal Gap By Offering Rochester’s First and Only Year-Round Local, Sustainable Food Share The Good Food Collective is helping Rochester build a more durable and ecologically sound food economy by kicking off its year-round membership share program with the new Spring Membership on April 11th April 8, 2013, Rochester, NY […]

Good Food in Winter

As we enjoy this beautiful Rochester September, the Good Food Collective team and its partner farms are readying for the winter season ahead.  Sign up is going strong and we’re happy to have so many of our current members and many new ones aboard already for the winter. We thought we’d feature the film Jonathan Sanger, […]

Week Six — Calling All Rain Dances

Wow, do we need rain. So much GOOD FOOD to come is sitting in the fields, stunted by the heat, waiting for a rain to revive them so they can be harvested.  Green beans, peppers, and others… They need rain so they can be grown, picked, and sent home to your kitchens. We hope everyone […]

Week 5

Raindance Harvest

It’s been a hot and dry summer thus far and our partner farms are pushing through to continue to harvest some of the best food in the area so you can bring it home to your kitchens. We hope you’ll raise at glass at some point during one of your meals this week to toast […]

Week Four!

THIS WEEK OUR WEDNESDAY IS MONDAY!  Say What?! We will be out in force today delivering PRE-BOXED Shares and running our distribution at Harley!  For those of you who normally get your GOOD FOOD on Wednesdays…Remember that TODAY IS YOUR DAY! The share this week is still a bit small compared to the usual GOOD […]

Yippee! It’s Week 3!


Week 3 of our summer membership distribution is here and we hope all of you are getting into the swing of the pick up routine and what to do to make the most of the farm fresh foods you bring home each week. If you need inspiration, take a peek at what many of our […]

Week 2 — Thanks for a Great First Week!

Food Hub

Wow!  What a great first week! We’ve grown so much (pun intended) and that has meant many new details to manage and logistics to hurdle. Thanks to the fantastic community that is The Good Food Collective for helping us have a successful first week. Here’s to a great season ahead! Speaking of new logistic hurdles to […]

First Week of Summer 2012 Membership Distribution!

Thank you all again for joining our growing community of GOOD EATERS, we are so very excited for another fantastic year ahead! HERE’S WHAT’S COMING HOME THIS WEEK: LEEKS – Mason Farm | Certified Organic LETTUCE – Mason Farm | Certified Organic SWISS CHARD – Mason Farm | Certified Organic GARLIC SCAPES – Fraser Family […]

Summer Season Kicks Off June 11th!

The Good Food Collective is excited to report another sold out season! 800 members have joined this growing community of GOOD eaters! Thanks for participating in this adventure and supporting local, sustainable agriculture and a new economy around food.  We are looking forward to seeing the beautiful faces of our returning members and getting to know our new members […]

Third Month of Winter Membership Distribution Begins Today

Well hello, third month of our Winter Membership Distribution.  It’s so nice to see you. We look forward to ringing in a GOOD FOOD February (try to say that 10 times really fast) with all of you as we kick off the third month of the Winter Season at URMC today from 4-6PM. And we […]

Week 15 — A Baby and A GOOD Night

As we greet Week 15, the GFC team is still giddy from the weekend’s festivities.  First, Raindance Harvest welcomed a new addition to the family — a baby boy.  Now that, my friends, is some beautiful locally-grown goodness. They had to skip the party Saturday, of course, but we raised a glass in honor of […]

Oh, What a Night!

For 3 years, the Good Food Collective has wanted to bring its members, farmers, supporters and local artisans together for a night of local revelry. Well get ready, GOOD people, because A GOOD Night is coming. Purchase your tickets online.  Bring your family and friends!  Join us in celebration of all the GOOD local things we […]

Week 11 — Reunited and It Feels So GOOD

Week 11, I’m happy to meet you. After being reunited last Thursday with our beloved share after two weeks off, we chomped and nibbled our way through Week 10 and are ready for a refill. SHARE ITEMS LETTUCE – Raindance Harvest | using organic practices SWEET ONIONS- Mason Farm | certified organic CUKES – Mud Creek […]

Week 6… Bring on the rain

As we greet the second distribution day of Week 6, we are giddy as we welcome some long overdue rain. We actually caught the Green Bean Machine giggling as she zoomed through the puddles this morning on the way to RIT.  And we know you know how much locally grown goodies love a good shower. And […]

Week 3 Distribution — Oh, Snap (Peas)!

After the stormy first week, my kids and I headed to the SWFM last Thursday to pick up the second week’s share.  And I have one word for the evening — deeeeeeeelightful.  The temperature was just right, there were wispy clouds in the blue sky and there was someone singing “I Want to Hold Your […]

Week Two Distribution — Something Old and Something New

The first distribution week of our 2011 CSA season kicked off last week and what an exciting one it was!  I took my kids with me to pick up our share at the South Wedge Farmers’ Market Thursday.  I have one kid who will try any food; the other, has a very small vegetable repertoire […]

Whoo Hoo! First Distribution This Week!

Reminder to all our members: Our first Summer 2011 CSA member distribution will be Thursday, June 23rd and Friday, June 24th. The Green Bean Machine and the Good Food Collective team are fired up and ready to go! All our members should have received our newsletter yesterday via e-mail.  If you did not, please let […]

Garlic Scape and Almond Pesto

Garlic Scapes

  Many of you have been seeing these weird stringy things that look like ribbony green beans around the farmers markets recently.  And our members will also be seeing them in this week’s distribution (the first of the season — Whoo hoo!). They are garlic scapes.  They are the shoots that grow out of the […]

Avocado Massaged Swiss Chard Salad

Alison's Avocado Massaged Swiss Chard Salad

Alison Spath was the first to respond to our call for a few good chard recipes to greet the summer CSA season!  She even provided a beautiful picture.  Thanks, Alison! Avocado Massaged Swiss Chard Salad Greens: 1 bunch of Swiss Chard, stems removed Other salad greens as desired (I used kale from our garden!) Dressing: […]

The Delicious Things You Do to Your Chard

We want to know what delicious things you do to your chard. And that’s not a euphemism. This is a call for all yummy swiss chard recipes. Main dish, side dish, dessert, snack, juice concoction, cocktail. Vegetarian, non-vegetarian, vegan. If you think it’s delicious and want to share it, we want it. Send us your […]

The Mighty Green Machine

Green Bean Machine at RIT Distribution, 2010

One of my favorite things about the Good Food Collective — other than the abundance of local, sustainable foods from some of the best farmers in our area, of course —  is the mighty Green Truck. I love cool vehicles.  Blame it on growing up in places where fighter jets flew low and fast overhead, […]

Kicking Off the 2011 Summer CSA Season

Update:  Our 2011 Summer CSA Season starts June 23rd!  Click here to find out more. As the region celebrates the 20th anniversary of the most horrendous ice storm in collective memory, we are looking forward to the upcoming season of yummy things that are grown right here in our own soon-to-be thawed local backyard. The […]